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Many people make the mistake of assuming mothers receive favorable child custody judgments in the courtroom. Unfortunately, countless mothers no longer have an active role in their children’s lives because of unfair judgments and agreements. If you’re worried about losing involvement in your children’s lives, it’s time to contact a mothers’ rights attorney.

Protecting Mothers’ Rights

As a mother, you’re the center of your family unit. If you want to play a role in your children’s lives, you need to ensure that you protect your interests during a divorce or child custody dispute. Leaving disputes to chance can have dire consequences for mothers.

It’s indisputable that children require the love and care of their mothers. If you’re unable to play a role in your family, nobody wins. Unfortunately, family relationships are often complicated and result in unfair allegations and court judgments.

If your co-parent has an issue with your role as a mother, they can make your life extremely difficult. While each case is different, there are many mothers that have unfairly lost their ability to play a significant role in the children’s lives. Let’s explore some typical problems associated with a family dispute:

• Unfair visitation or custody
• Complete lack of visitation or custody
• Former spouse or partner is given permission to move to another city or state with children
• Unfair child support or alimony payment decisions
• Lack of influence in parental decisions or family direction

Palmdale Mothers’ Rights Attorney

Whether you're currently facing a legal challenge from a co-parent or you anticipate one in the future, it's critical to use a Palmdale mothers' rights lawyer to protect the interests of you and your children. At The Johnson Law Firm, we partner with mothers to ensure they're well prepared for any type of legal challenge or dispute.

We have considerable experience with court cases, mediation, and other legal processes involved in child custody and support disputes. Our goal is to help you protect your interests and your role as a mother.

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The Johnson Law Firm is experienced in all facets of family law. Our child custody lawyers also have experience in mediation, child support, and a host of other family law practice areas. If you’re searching for a comprehensive legal partner that can help you protect all your rights as a mother, we’re the perfect team for the job.

Our office is located in Palmdale, and we are open five days a week for in-person consultations. It's never been easier to access a child custody attorney.

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If you need the assistance of a child custody lawyer, our team at The Johnson Law Firm is ready to help. Protecting mothers’ rights is our primary priority – we’ll work diligently to prepare you for a court case, mediation, or any other dispute. We can also help you dispute an unfair judgment or agreement.

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