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If you're seeking to annul a marriage in the Palmdale area, it's critical to contact an experienced annulment attorney to begin the process. Annulments can help you restore control over your life, but you must approach the situation with care. At The Johnson Law Firm, we help our clients protect their legal interests throughout the annulment process.

What is an Annulment?

Unlike a divorce, annulments serve to erase or cancel your marriage. While a divorce ends a marriage, it still acknowledges that the marriage occurred. On the other hand, an annulment does not acknowledge your former marriage – it provides a legal ruling the marriage never happened.

An annulment is an option in a few different instances. The reasons for an annulment typically revolve around consent, fraud, and incompetence. For example, if your spouse defrauded you or mispresented themselves prior to your marriage, you could declare that the marriage isn’t valid.

Additionally, if someone was forced to marry under duress or under the age of consent, this might qualify someone for an annulment. If you’d like to know if your marriage is eligible for an annulment, contact us as quickly as possible.

The Benefits of Annulment

If you’re seeking to end a marriage, you might be wondering why an annulment is advantageous. Let’s look at why annulments are often more suitable than traditional divorce proceedings:

  • Retain Control of Your Property/Assets: In most instances, you can retain all your own assets in the case of an annulment. This can help you protect your previously held assets from the grasps of your former partner.
  • Legal Elimination of Marriage: If you’ve entered a marriage because of fraud, you might want to put the entire process behind you. An annulment ensures your marriage is no longer legally recognized.
  • Enter a New Marriage: As with a divorce, an annulment allows you to enter a new marriage if you’ve moved onto another relationship.

If you believe any of the above benefits apply to your situation or preferences, an annulment might be a more attractive option than a divorce. If you'd like to discuss the benefits of this process in more detail, call The Johnson Law Firm.

Experienced Palmdale Annulment Attorney

The Johnson Law Firm is an experienced annulment law firm that offers services to clients throughout Palmdale and surrounding areas. If you believe you’ve been the victim of fraud or misrepresentation, we can protect your personal interests and finances. It’s essential to use a capable Palmdale annulment lawyer if you want to avoid delays and complications.

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If you’re seeking an annulment in the Palmdale region, it’s critical to choose an “annulment attorney near me.” By selecting a nearby attorney, you can rest assured that you have personal access to your attorney. Annulment proceedings can be a stressful time in your life, so it pays to work with an attorney that’s readily available for in-person consultations.

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