Palmdale Divorce Attorney

Whether your case is simple or complicated, one of the best decisions that you can make is to hire a family lawyer. It is beneficial to work with a family attorney because the scope of family law is so large. You can get assistance for legal separation, dissolving a marriage, alimony, child custody and support, and so much more. A professional family lawyer will help you understand the law as well as navigate mediation sessions and court proceedings.

What Does a Family Lawyer Do

Family lawyers are professionals that work to take care of your legal needs when it comes to family matters. They can provide advice on everything from legal separation and divorce to child custody or support issues. The family lawyer that you choose might specialize in a specific area of family law, like divorce, or they might assist with all family matters under the scope of family law.

Components of Family Law

The scope of family law varies by state. In general, family law encompasses family matters pertaining to the care of a couple’s children and the dissolution of a marriage or domestic partnership. Child matters include child support, custody, visitation, and paternity. Marriage or domestic partnership matters include legal separation, divorce, annulment, alimony, and in some cases restraining orders. A family attorney will be able to assist their client with all of their family law needs.

Child Support

A child support attorney is able to help their client with establishing, changing, or ending child support agreements. A child support payment is designed to help the parent with primary custody support the child financially. The child support agreement may also include health insurance, vision insurance, and dental insurance.

Getting a court to make a decision on child support can be done on your own; however, a child support lawyer will be familiar with the current laws. Your family lawyer will meet with you to determine what you want from your child support arrangement and they will attend mediation sessions and court hearings if they are needed.

Child Custody and Child Visitation

Just like with child support, a child custody attorney represents their clients to establish, change, or end child custody and child visitation agreements. The child custody lawyer will keep your best interests and the best interests of your children at the forefront of the proposed agreement.


There are legal privileges that accompany the parents of a child. There are three ways to establish the paternity, or parentage, of a child.

  1. The child is born to parents who are married or are in a domestic partnership
  2. A voluntary declaration of paternity has been signed by both of the child’s parents, notarized, and filed with the court
  3. Genetic testing has been ordered by the court that positively identifies the parentage

If a child was not born to parents who were married or in a partnership and a voluntary declaration of paternity was not filed then it is advisable to get a paternity lawyer.

The paternity attorney can complete the necessary paperwork to file with the court, serve the other party with court papers, and represent you during the court hearings to establish parentage. Once the parentage has been established they will also be able to assist you with child support, child custody, and child visitation arrangements if they are needed.

Legal Separation and Divorce

Your local Palmdale divorce law office can set you up to work with a divorce attorney if you are considering a legal separation or divorce. The divorce lawyer that you work with will be able to file the necessary paperwork and come up with a plan to finalize the separation or divorce.

The court might require that you go through mediation before a court hearing is held. In either situation, your divorce lawyer in Palmdale will attend the sessions and make recommendations for the best outcome.


You can get an annulment if your marriage or domestic partnership is determined to be invalid. This is a decision that is made by the court. A divorce attorney in Palmdale can advise you if you think that you have grounds for an annulment.


Alimony payments are a monetary amount that one spouse pays to another spouse during a legal separation or after the divorce or annulment is finalized. An alimony lawyer can help you with an alimony agreement. They can also help you make legal changes to a prenuptial agreement. They can also assist with asset division after legal separation, divorce, or annulment. Alimony

Restraining Orders

If you are being harassed or are in a domestic violence situation then a family law restraining order attorney can help you petition the court for a restraining order. To obtain a restraining order your lawyer will complete the required forms, serve papers to the person that you want the restraining order against, and represent you at the court hearing.

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