Antelope Valley Divorce Attorney

If you have a family matter that can only be resolved through the legal system then you would work with a family attorney. No matter how simple or complicated your family law case might be, an attorney at the Antelope Valley divorce law office can represent you. It is beneficial to work with a professional and experienced attorney because they will be able to help you navigate court or mediation sessions as well as understand the law.

Types of Family Lawyers

There are many different names for family lawyers. This is because the scope of family law is so large. Some lawyers choose to specialize in a specific area of family law while others will support their clients in all areas of family law. Specialties include:

  • Dissolution of a marriage or domestic partnership
  • Matters regarding the couple’s child or children
  • Determining parentage, or paternity
  • Harassment or domestic violence restraining orders

If you are involved in any of these legal issues then you should consult with a divorce lawyer in Antelope Valley. They will be able to complete and file the necessary paperwork, hire a process server to “serve” the other party with papers, and represent you in mediation sessions and court hearings.

Dissolving a Marriage or Domestic Partnership

A divorce attorney in Antelope Valley is capable of assisting you with a variety of matters regarding your marriage or domestic partnership. If you believe that your marriage was never valid then they can work with you through an annulment proceeding. To be granted an annulment the judge must find that your marriage was in some way invalid. A divorce attorney can present your case with the necessary evidence to the court.

A divorce lawyer can also help if you need to file for legal separation or need representation for a divorce or dissolution of a domestic partnership. A divorce or alimony lawyer can also work to get you the best possible alimony settlement. Alimony is a monetary settlement that is paid by one spouse to the other spouse for spousal support. The lawyer can also help with the division of assets and carrying out a prenuptial agreement.

Child Support, Visitation, and Custody Matters

A family law attorney can be beneficial to work if there are children involved in the legal separation, divorce, or annulment. Child support, visitation, and custody agreements must be reached and agreed upon or a judge can make the final decision if an arrangement is agreed upon.

A child support attorney specializes in getting their client a child support settlement. Child support is a monetary settlement that is paid by one parent to the parent that has primary custody of the child. This money is designed to help the custodial parent care for the child’s needs. The child support lawyer might have the child’s health, vision, and dental insurance included in the child support agreement.

A child custody attorney will help their clients come to an agreement on the child’s primary residence, who the primary caregiver is, and a variety of other decisions that impact the welfare of the child. The child custody lawyer will make recommendations, accompany you to mediation sessions, and represent you in court hearings so that you can come to an agreement on how your child will be cared for by each of their parents.

Determining Parentage

There are three ways to determine parentage, also known as paternity. In two of these three methods of determining parentage, a paternity attorney is usually not needed. In a third way, the assistance of a paternity lawyer can be very beneficial. The ways to determine parentage are:

  1. The child is born to two people who are married or are in a domestic partnership
  2. A voluntary declaration of paternity has been completed, filed, and accepted by the court
  3. The court orders genetic testing to prove or disprove the paternity of the child

If a parent isn’t identified on a child’s birth certificate and a voluntary declaration of paternity is not made, then a paternity lawyer can help petition the court to order genetic testing. The paternity attorney can then assist with custody, visitation, and child support if the testing positively identifies the parentage of the child.

Restraining Orders

If you need a restraining order then you should consult a family law restraining order attorney. They are able to file the necessary paperwork, send a process server to serve the papers, and represent you in court. The lawyer will be able to help you with a civil restraining order, which is used in harassment cases. They will also be able to help you if you need a domestic violence restraining order, which is used in cases of abuse.

Choose Johnson Law Firm to Represent You

You should choose Johnson Law Firm to represent you if you are looking for an Antelope Valley family attorney. At Johnson Family Law Firm you will get personalized service. Your attorney will establish a plan of action and let you know what you should expect throughout the legal process. Additionally, they have experience in helping their clients resolve a variety of legal family matters.

When you meet for a consultation with the Johnson Law Firm your attorney will make sure that they understand your specific needs and what outcome you are hoping for. Once they have a clear understanding of the details of your case they will create an action plan.

The team involved with your action plan will work together to help you achieve the best results. During this process, they will keep you informed of where they are at in the process, what the next steps are, and answer any questions that may come up.

For over 30 years the Johnson Law Firm has been dedicated to resolving family law cases for their clients. California family law cases include everything from child matters to dissolving a marriage or domestic partnership and more. Work with a family attorney at Johnson Law Firm to get the specialized service you need and the positive results that you deserve.