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Handling Your Child Support Case

Children are always at the forefront of any decisions when you are getting a divorce. The idea of letting someone you don’t know decide what your parenting future will be like can be a frightening thought. However, with the right child support lawyer and a clear vision of what you want for your kids, the chances are good that things will work out in your favor. There are several things you should do to handle your child support case the right way. That’s why we’ve put together a list of them below to help you prepare. Remember, if you are looking for help with your child support case, you can always reach out to The Johnson Law Firm & Associates for assistance.

1. Be Honest with Income and Expenses

One of the things you should expect heading into your child support case is the fact that you will need to provide complete financial disclosure to the courts. That means you should be as honest as possible and provide a clear picture of your financial situation with your kids. If you try to beat the system, the chances are good you will end up with big issues. Try to document your income, expenses, and any other areas of your finances that you think will be relevant for the case.

2. Stay on Topic

It can be easy to bring up topics like custody issues in the middle of a child support case, but the truth is this can do more harm than good. Bringing up topics that aren’t related to the child support case can actually end up doing more harm than good for you. The judge will only be able to focus on child support, not other issues that are unrelated to the task at hand. Keep this in mind to make sure you stay on topic and that you are solely focused on the welfare of your children.

3. Be On Time

Sometimes, people end up hurting their chances of a favorable ruling in a child support case by making little mistakes. For example, showing up late to your hearing is one way to immediately make a negative impression on the judge. Instead, make sure you arrive on time or even show up early to start things off on the right foot. This is one of the easiest ways of handling your child support case the right way.

4. Hire a Great Lawyer

Hiring a great lawyer for your child support case is always a worthy investment. That way, you can have someone by your side that is well-versed in the legal world. The experience and professionalism that you will gain from hiring a child support lawyer from The Johnson Law Firm & Associates can help you achieve your goals during your case. Reach out to The Johnson Law Firm & Associates today to learn how we can help you out during your child support case.