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What to Do with False Accusations During a Divorce?

Getting a divorce can lead to a variety of different outcomes. It really depends on your unique situation and what your relationship is like with your future ex-spouse. Sometimes, things can get heated and lead to false accusations. This is when you want to have a great divorce attorney to help out with the entire process. Just because your spouse is claiming you did something doesn’t mean they have legal grounds to make it official. False accusations about children, lying on legal forms, and not adhering to custody rulings can all be painful to deal with. Below, we will walk you through some of the best ways to deal with false accusations during a divorce so that the truth prevails. Remember to reach out to the Johnson Law Firm & Associates if you need help dealing with false accusations from your ex-spouse.

1. Comprehending What False Accusations Are

A false accusation is something that is declared by your spouse in a divorce. They will usually use them to get an advantage in things like child custody cases. You might be accused of things like negligence, abuse, and failure to follow court orders. It can be very frightening and intimidating to hear accusations about yourself during a divorce, but the key is to remember that if they aren’t true, you have nothing to worry about. Make sure you have a great divorce attorney to help you deal with false allegations and end up with the best possible resolution for your marriage.

2. Gather the Evidence

False accusations are certainly not fun to deal with during a divorce. However, you should have plenty of evidence to prove the allegations wrong. You will need to find proof in your favor so that all of the accusations can be dismissed. Courts are very vigilant about keeping children safe, so if you are dealing with accusations of child abuse, you should take them very seriously. Focus on what you can show the court that will prove you are a truly great parent. Show them a clean criminal record and reach out to friends and family to vouch for your character. You might even want to gather character witnesses and log your activity with timestamps that can be officially verified to eliminate any possible doubts.

3. Reach Out to Your Divorce Attorney

This scenario is one of the big reasons why it always pays to have a great divorce attorney helping you navigate the legal process of ending your marriage. You should absolutely reach out to your divorce attorney if you are dealing with false accusations from your spouse. Remember that every case is unique and that you always want to keep your divorce attorney in the loop about your current situation. Be honest and communicate often with your divorce attorney to have the best chances at negating any false accusations that your spouse has made. If you are looking for a reliable and professional divorce lawyer, reach out to the Johnson Law Firm & Associates today.