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Valid Reasons for Getting a Divorce

If you are thinking about getting a divorce, make sure that you understand all of the implications and how your life will change before moving forward. Many people are too quick to abandon their marriage instead of trying to work things out with their partner. If you are indeed considering divorce, keep in mind that there are wrong reasons to get divorced and valid reasons to get divorced. Don’t rush into anything without thinking through the ramifications and impacts that divorce will have on your life. You can always reach out to the Johnson Law Firm and Associates for legal advice or to discuss your options for divorce. Keep reading on to learn about some of the most valid reasons to get a divorce.

1. Infidelity

Perhaps the most valid reason for getting a divorce is infidelity. If your partner cheated on you, you have every right to be upset. Trust is essential for every single relationship, particularly in marriage. If that trust gets broken, it can often time be too much for a marriage to support. Infidelity is also very likely to occur again later on down the road, so keep that in mind if it occurs in one of your relationships. When you get married, you take vows to be faithful to your spouse. Breaking those marital vows by being unfaithful is certainly an offense worthy of divorce.

2. Emotional or Physical Abuse

No one should have to put up with physical or emotional abuse from their spouse. If this occurs in your marriage, don’t make excuses for the other person. Emotional or physical abuse is one of the most valid reasons to seek out divorce. You simply should not stand for any form of domestic abuse in your marriage. Abuse comes in all different forms and can often make you feel powerless when it’s happening to you. Keep in mind that you can always take the power back and seek legal action in the form of a divorce or restraining order if you need to.

3. Economic Issues

Money can certainly cause big problems in a marriage. If your spouse seems to be irresponsible spending money in a way that negatively affects your family or relationship, you might have grounds for divorce. Things like gambling addiction and frivolous spending can cause lots of strain and stress on your relationship. If things are getting too stressful, you can always file for divorce. The best marriages are those where both partners are on the same page with regards to finances.

These are some of the most valid reasons why you should seek out a divorce. If you are interested in getting a divorce or have any questions related to divorce proceedings, contact the Johnson Law Firm and Associates. We can provide you with an expert divorce attorney to offer you legal advice and help you begin the next chapter of your life.