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The Most Common Reasons for Divorce

Marriage is a great opportunity to build a life with someone that you truly love. Unfortunately, there are quite a few examples of marriages that just don’t work out. When a marriage ends in divorce, it makes you wonder what exactly went wrong. That’s why we are going to take a look at some of the most common reasons for divorce below. If you are considering divorce or are looking for legal advice about divorce, you should reach out to one of the expert divorce attorneys at The Johnson Law Firm and Associates.

Reason #1 – Financial Issues

Marriage requires both people to work together as a team in essentially every aspect of their lives. When you add money and financial issues into the equation, things can quickly get complicated. One of the most common reasons for divorce is financial issues. Whether it’s not having enough money, not communicating well about how to spend money, or one person feeling like they will be better off financially through a divorce, financial issues can absolutely derail a marriage. Keep this in mind if you are thinking about getting married and want to avoid potential issues related to finances through a prenuptial agreement.

Reason #2 – Arguing All of the Time

Another common reason for divorce occurs when couples just can’t seem to get along. Consistent arguing or couples that seem to have the same arguments over and over can lead to the end of a marriage. Successful marriages are all about effective communication and making sacrifices for each other. When couples can’t seem to resolve their conflicts in healthy ways, it will oftentimes lead to a divorce. If you are constantly arguing during your relationship and you decide to pursue a divorce, you should probably hire a great divorce attorney since the divorce will likely be full of conflict.

Reason #3 – Infidelity

People change over the years, and it can oftentimes lead to extra-marital affairs. Infidelity is definitely one of the most frequent reasons that couples get divorced. Being unfaithful to your marital partner is an obstacle that most couples are not able to overcome. It can lead to anger and resentment in a relationship and will put even the strongest relationship to the test.

Reason #4 – Lack of Communication

Effective communication is the backbone of any healthy relationship. It is absolutely vital in marriage, and when there are failures in communication, it often leads to problems. Another one of the most common reasons that people get divorced is due to a lack of communication. Either the couple doesn’t know how to communicate in healthy ways or they are afraid to speak freely with one another.

Getting a divorce can be a complicated endeavor if you don’t have the right legal assistance. Connect with a professional divorce attorney at The Johnson Law Firm and Associates today if you are in need of legal advice for dissolving your marriage.