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Restraining Orders

Our team can help you maximize benefits and minimize conflicts.

There are usually two variations of civil restraining orders: Domestic and Civil. Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (DVRO) are orders that protect you from abuse from an intimate partner or family member whereas Civil Harassment Orders (CHO) are orders that provide protection from harassment from someone you do or do not have a relationship with. Nonetheless, whichever variation of restraining order you need, it is important that you seek qualified legal counsel so that you can get help before the problems get worse.

Alternatively, if you have been wrongly accused of harassment or abuse, it is critical that you address the problem in the right manner as restraining orders can have significant legal consequences if they are not handled correctly. Violation of a restraining order could result in criminal proceedings brought against you and you could be put in jail.

While you are not required to have an attorney to file or defend against a restraining order, representing yourself is a risk and puts you at a huge disadvantage.

If the other party has an attorney and you do not, your chances of succeeding in the action are immediately reduced.

Our firm has handled numerous cases in both seeking protective orders and defending against false claims. Call us today and see how we can help you.

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