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Child Custody Attorney Acton

Child Custody Attorney in Acton


With experience in family law issues, the professionals at the Johnson Law Firm can assist in any divorce related legal problems.  Contact us for legal advice for divorce, assistance in divorce court, and prenuptial agreements, which are just some of the many services we offer.  We proudly serve the Acton area and provide legal services.

Family Law Law Firms

When clients attend a meeting with our family law attorney Timothy Johnson, they are commonly seeking help and advice for some of the most personal aspects of their lives. Timothy Johnson believes that its important during these difficult times that you have the right person to represent you in court. It is true that not all attorneys are built the same way, so be careful in your search.


Both Timothy Johnson and his staff have the practical knowledge and tools you need to accomplish your desired goals. From simple divorce agreements to challenging and complicated child custody agreements, Timothy Johnson is there to defend what matters most, you and your children.


Because the state of California is a “no-fault” state, divorce is permitted without the requirement of providing evidence of misconduct in the marriage. In addition to this California state law, California also requires that in order to file divorce in California, you must be a resident of the state for at least 6 months.

Are you questioning paternity?

A paternity action is a court proceeding to determine whether or not a person is the father of a child. In many cases the mother will begin a paternity action to obtain child support from the biological father of the child. A judgment for paternity is obtained to finalize the terms of child custody, visitation and support.

Joint Custody, Split Child Custody, Child Custody Attorney

Child Custody Issues can be difficult. You need the best legal experts in town, the staff at The Johnson Law Firm When children are involved it becomes very emotionally charged. Parents often lose sight of what is in the best interest of their children. We stand by our clients, and direct them through this tough area so they make the best decisions and leave with the best possible result.

The Benefits of Dealing with Antelope Valley’s leading Divorce Lawyer

For many, facing a divorce is an exceedingly complicated experience. The uncertainty of what the future holds can leave many people feeling stressed and conquered. During a challenging time like this, you need to have a great attorney at your side. As the leading Antelope Valley divorce law firm, we have helped countless clients get through one of the most complicated times of their lives. Our team of legal professionals will help you navigate your divorce procedures from beginning to end. We take any actions are necessary to ensure that your best interests are fulfilled. Here are some of the benefits that come with Dealing with a top AV divorce lawyer and their team:

We Fight for Your Parental Rights

When children are involved, a divorce case can be particularly complex. If the future of your child or children is involved, you will be grateful to have the top divorce lawyer Acton has to offer standing by your side. We will work to come to a reasonable arrangement with your co-parent on matters of custody and financial responsibility. If your case needs to go to trial, we will fight to make sure that the best interests of you and your child are taken care of and you hire a professional family lawyer.

Mothers Rights Acton

It is a popular belief that divorce proceedings concerning young ones always rule in favor of the mother. However, a seasoned mothers rights lawyer can tell you that this is not always a given. While it’s true that mothers are often granted the status of primary caregiver, there are many other variables at play that can affect the quality of life of you and your child. For example, if your child has a correct to monetary support, it’s important to have a child support lawyer who will make sure all of your ex-partner’s assets are properly accounted for. This ensures that your child receives the maximum amount of economic support they’re owed. Working with a top Acton divorce lawyer is the best way to protect the long-term financial security of your child.

Fathers Rights in Acton

A fathers right lawyer recognizes that custody and child support cases can be particularly complex for men. Many men step into court proceedings worried about losing regular access to their young ones. Unfortunately, it’s not unheard of for young ones to be used as a pawn during a contested divorce trial. Your qualified Antelope Valley divorce lawyer will stop at nothing to make sure that your case concludes in the fair ruling you deserve. We aim to assure that our clients never lose out on their parental rights or the opportunity to spend plenty of time with their young ones. In cases where child support is on the table, your trusted Acton divorce lawyer will fight for a fair ruling that will ensure your child is taken care of without leaving you in financial distress.

Transparent & Sincere

dealing with a divorce is often scary and confusing. This is a first-time experience for many of our clients in Acton who don’t know how to get divorced or what to anticipate from the process. Upon meeting our clients for the first time, we always take the time to learn every last detail about their individual case. From there, we walk them through what they anticipate from the process. When you work with the leading divorce lawyer in Lancaster, you can anticipate to get an unmatched amount of personal attention during your divorce proceedings.

Our goal is to put our client’s mind at ease about the path ahead of them, however, we want to make sure that they fully understand all possible outcomes for their case. We will never glaze over a situation, as we believe in being transparent and sincere with our clients at all times. There are times when resolution to a divorce may require some concession, and sometimes even sacrifice. We will lay all of your options out for you so that you can make the right decision for you and the future of your family. We will never push you to peruse any sort of legal action that you are not completely comfortable with and will always be honest with you about the likely consequences for your case.

Always Accessible

Chances are, you’re going to have a slew of inquiries for your divorce lawyer during the duration of your case. We believe that our clients should have to have an option for a line of communication with our office throughout the life of their divorce proceedings. Our staff is always grateful to take the time to answer any inquiries or concerns you have. It’s imperative that our clients are confident that they have a good understanding of all the factors that will affect their case. We are grateful to work with our clients to educate them on their options and help them develop realistic expectations about the path ahead.


In some cases, the separation of your resources after a divorce can be settled through mediation instead of going to trial. When that’s the case, it may be necessary for our office to have interaction with your ex-spouse and their legal team. With the best divorce lawyer Acton has to offer on your side, you can rest easy knowing that we will negotiate tirelessly and with your best interest in mind. Even if you are not present for some negotiations, we will always keep you up-to-date on the status of your case and possible resolutions for each party involved.

Going to Court

If it’s necessary to go to court, communication with your divorce attorney becomes more important than ever. We believe that one of the keys to a successful divorce case is making sure that the client is engaged throughout the entire process. In order to represent your best interests, we want to make sure that you are aware of any activity regarding your court case. Your lawyer will be standing with you every walk of the way, answering any questions you have about items discussed in front of a judge or your spouse’s legal defense counsel.

Experience Necessary to Get Results

You have many attorneys to choose from, so why not work with the Acton divorce lawyer with the reputation of getting results. Having legal counsel for your divorce case does little good if they cannot adequately represent you. Many divorce cases become extremely complicated. All aspects of your personal life, finances, and career may be dragged out and scrutinized during your divorce proceedings. You need an experienced lawyer who will make sure that none of the information that comes to light can be spun against your favor.

Things can get particularly tricky when young ones are involved. If you find yourself faced with a high-conflict custody battle, it’s extremely important to have an attorney that is well-versed in the ways of family law. This can be especially necessary if you have a high net-worth. Unfortunately, when there is money on the table, it does not always bring out the best in your separated spouse. We know that there is a lot riding on the outcome of your divorce case, which is why we always work tirelessly to get our clients the best possible results.

Lastly, there is always the element of the “unknown” during a divorce. There may be factors that arise that you had not anticipated. Sometimes this will require you to completely reconsider your approach to your divorce case. When this happens, don’t you want the best Antelope Valley attorney at your side? We know how to take quick action and adjust our approach to your case when necessary. Often times, the ability to be flexible and act quickly can completely change the outcome of a case.

Have an Entire Team Behind You

As the top divorce law firm in the area, we help many clients with their divorce cases every day. However, it’s our goal to make each of our clients feel like our only one. That’s why our core values include honesty, transparency, and open interaction throughout your divorce procedures. When you work with us, you will enjoy constant communication with your attorney, which can help put your mind at ease during this complex time. What’s more, our seasoned attorneys are backed by an equally capable team of dedicated staff, all of whom are at your disposal as well. We want to make sure that you have all the resources you need to go into your divorce procedures feeling confident and prepared.

If you ever find yourself in need of a divorce attorney, make sure you make the choice to work with the best in the business. Our firm has a track record for providing our clients with personalized service and, most importantly, getting them results. The outcome of your divorce proceedings could influence you the rest of your life. You don’t want to put your fate in the hands of a less experienced divorce lawyer
. Let us help you navigate this complex time so that you can quickly get back to enjoying your everyday life.



Child Custody Attorney Acton.


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