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Why Paternity Tests Are So Important

Establishing paternity can be a stressful process for people in a relationship. The idea that you are questioning who is the biological father of a child can bring up lots of negative emotions. Even though it is difficult to go through paternity issues in your relationship, it is critical to determine who is the real father of your child so that you can move forward with your life. Hiring a paternal rights attorney can help you navigate this challenging time and establish paternity so that you can move forward with legal issues like custody, child support, and more. Below, we...

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Tips for Fathers Paying Child Support

As a father, it’s your responsibility to provide for your kids in any way possible. Sometimes, through the result of a divorce, you end up legally required to pay child support. This responsibility should always be taken seriously, not just because of the legality of the arrangement, but because your kids rely on those payments to live a healthy life. Each state has its own unique set of requirements when it comes to child support, but there are still certain tips you can keep in mind to make sure you are fulfilling your fatherly obligations. Below, we are going to...

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4 Legal Scenarios That Require a Paternity Test

If you have ever thought about having children before, it’s important to think about the responsibility that comes along with being a parent. Unfortunately, there are plenty of legal situations out there that might require a paternity test to establish someone’s biological relationship to a child. The court recognizes legitimate paternity tests as proof of a biological relationship between a father and a child, which is why it’s important to understand some of the scenarios that might require a paternity test. If you are interested in learning about paternity testing or area looking to call a fathers rights attorney, reach...

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