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3 Ways to Get a Divorce

If you are in the process of moving forward with a divorce, it’s a good idea to learn about some of the different ways you can go about things. Most people think of heading to court and resolving things in front of a judge when they first ponder divorce, but the reality is that there are other options too. Regardless of what option you decide to go with for your divorce, it always pays off to have a great divorce attorney advising you along the way. Reach out to The Johnson Law Firm & Associates today if you are interested in speaking with one of our expert divorce attorneys. Below, we are going to walk you through 3 different ways to get a divorce so that you can make the right decision for your own unique situation.

1. Internet Divorce

Some people elect a do-it-yourself approach to their divorce. Believe it or not, there are companies on the web that help people proceed with divorce online. These websites feature online interviews and questionnaires to help the couple move forward. The companies will create paperwork based on the couple’s responses and file the with the courts. Although this divorce options might seem like the easiest one, it actually can end up being a lot of trouble. You need to be able to work well with your spouse and be open to deciding every aspect of your settlement together. It’s also very easy to make expensive mistakes with this option, especially since you won’t have a great divorce attorney helping you out.

2. Divorce Mediation

Another option that many couples explore for their divorce is divorce mediation. This involves the couple working together with a third party attorney-mediator to resolve all of the relevant issues in the marriage. It can be a good option since it allows couples to take things into their own hands, but it requires a collaborative approach. The good news is that you can resolve your divorce as quickly as you want with divorce mediation, as long as you work well with your spouse.

3. Hiring a Divorce Attorney for Court

The fact of the matter is that most couples end up getting divorced in court. Both spouses will hire divorce lawyers and try to obtain the most favorable outcomes for themselves. These types of cases can take time to resolve and you will ultimately be leaving your fate up to the decisions of the court. However, if you have a great divorce attorney helping you out, the odds are good that you will end up with a favorable settlement. Just don’t expect to get everything you want if you decide to go this way for your divorce.

As you can tell, there are lots of different options for getting a divorce. Whatever you decide to do for your own unique situation, remember that hiring a great divorce attorney from The Johnson Law Firm & Associates will give you the best shot at success.